Ink bubbles solution

Substrate surface adhesion of dust and grease and other substances.
The printing ink itself have a bubble or not uniform viscosity.
The printing speed is too fast or the printing speed is not uniform.
The internal factors produced bubble is due to high ink viscosity and high surface tension, gas in ink is difficult to escape and stranded in ink layer. If the ink viscosity and surface tension is small, the bubble will disappear, and thus will not cause ink bubbles in printing.
Usually can adopt the following measures to prevent the generation of bubbles in the ink layer:
Try to use hydrophobic solvent.
If the ink itself have a bubble, use some amount of defoaming agent in printing ink. If the ink flow is poor, when picking up your screen, the ink flow is relatively small, can not be filled screen traces and get a smooth surface layer of ink.
In order to prevent screen traces in printing, use the following method:
Use high flow ink for printing.
Use slow drying ink to print, increase the flow time of ink and the ink will be progressively setting.
In the plates making, use single size thinner diameter screen.