Universal Offset UV Ink - VC EVO S450

Item Code:S450 Features:VC is multiple purpose offset UV inks for absorbent and metalized paper, made by our French facility, which has a long history with more than 130 years;
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This product is very popular in European and Asia market because of its excellent adhesion, anti-scratch, stable performance in terms of ink water balance and very fast curing speed;  could be used on multi-purpose paper including metallic paper or aluminium papers; The high quality inks made with European UV technology but with competitive cost advantage offer global customers in Asia, middle east and USA.

VC-EVO S450 is comply with ISO9001 which also meets the REACH regulation, more safely and more environment-friendly; strictly control on European printing regulations

PACKAGING: available in 2.5kgs and 1 kg plastic containers;

Exceptional adhesion on a wide range of substrates such as absorbent and non absorbent papers;Low odour
Excellent printing stability
Fast drying speed
Good dot sharpness
Low migration
Improve productivity

Metalized cardboard
Aluminium cardboard
Matt paper
Coated paper
Uncoated paper

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